Let There Be Light

We were running a little late dropping Abby off in school this morning.  Fortunately, we made it on time.  On my way out, I bumped into one of Abby’s classmates, Olivia, and her mom, Taylor, as they were rushing to enter the school building.  Taylor signalled me to wait for her.

The very moment Taylor came out of the door after walking Olivia to the classroom, she started ranting about the power outage in their area.  It happened 3 times last night, which is why they were late coming to school today.  And then she started raving about her hid flashlights, which she bought online from Magna Light.  She asked me to check it out if I didn’t have flashlights as power outtages can be such a pain.

So, I did check out Magna Light and was surprised to see that it’s not only flashlights they sell.  They have a huge variety of lights over there:  boat lights, control lights, dive lights, military lights, and much much more.  The company has a large inventory of their products that if an order is received before 4pm, central time, it will be shipped on the same day.

Magnalight’s professional grade flashlights make great gifts for men.  Hubby might just find himself with a new flashlight! :) 

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