Roaming in Rome

Instead of the usual coming of age party, my Mom gifted me with a trip to Italy on my 18th birthday.  That was about 15 years ago.  And it was one of our most memorable trips ever.  We were able to go to the key Italian cities of Milan, Florence, Venice and of course, Rome.  As an architecture student that time, it was a real treat to see for myself, the glory that was Roman architecture.  It was surreal to be right smack in the middle of famed structures and monuments I read about in my History of Architecture book…the Vatican, the Colloseum, the Trevi Fountain, even the quaint pasta restaurant seemed signifacant to me.

I hope to be able to go back to Italy with hubby and my daughter, and my Mom too!  A  vacation rental Rome Italy will just be perfect.  15 years is a long time.  And a trip back to my favorite cities is definitely in order.

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