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I have a dear friend, M, who’s celebrating her birthday in the next couple of days.  She is now based in New Zealand and It has been a while since we last saw each other.  I really  want to surprise her with a present and I think I know just what she would like…shoes!  If some girls can’t get enough of bags or jewelry, this particular friend of mine, believes there’s no such thing as too many shoes.

As always, I googled my way to the newest shoe styles and trends and one of the sites I landed on was Infinity Shoes.   And true to its name, it has an infinite selection of shoes to choose from.  A lot of the brands it carries are already familiar to many:  Birkenstock, Clarks, Camper, Dr. Martens, Keds, Merrell, and Timberland.  Some of the others, on the other hand, I still need to be familiar with:  Mizmooz, Bronx, Blowfish, Ed Hardy, Eric Michael, Minnetonka, Privo, Seychelles, Tsubo, Toms, etc.

I’ve narrowed down my choices to three.  From the Tsubo shoes, I think the Celini style will be ideal for the office.   I lalso like the green Ladies First style from the Seychelles shoes because my friend loves green and green casual shoes should match the oh so many greens in her closet.  And the third, since M loves boots, I think the minnetonka boots will suit her well, too.

Choices, choices, choices.   I might as well just ask her which one she wants.  That’ll save me a lot of time. ;)

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