McDonald’s Premium Coffee

Hubby and I are big coffee fans, but we usually just brew our own coffee at home.  Buying signature coffee on a regular basis can easily bore a hole in one’s pockets, so buying from either Starbucks or Seattle’s Best Coffee (SBC) has become a rarity…a real treat when we do.  Sometimes though, we have to have a quick caffeine fix, specially on a roadtrip.  And a couple of times, we found ourselves going to the McDonald’s drive thru for this…

Well, it’s McDoanld’s Coffee so you can’t really expect much…but it’s cheap so… :P Hahaha!   Hubby prefers the Regular blend, and I, Hazelnut.  They grow on you.  :D  We never liked their Vanilla though, which we thought always tasted funny.  We were able to snag some SBC coupons at Borders yesterday.  I see real coffee in for me in the near future.  In the next couple of days perhaps?

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  1. Hmmm… pwede na rin siguro yan… what is important is the price… di bale na if it tastes like a Big Mac :)


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