WS #10: Mother’s Day at Tokyo Steak House

Yesterday was the first time we celebrated Mother’s Day here in Austin.  Last year, we didn’t celebrate because I was in a very sullen mood as my Mom flew back to Manila on Mother’s Day after a week-long stay with us.  I was just too sad.

This year, we made sure we got out of the house. :) We had lunch at our favorite Japanese Restaurant, Tokyo Steakhouse

Abby had her usual Tempura Shrimp platter with a side order of white rice, please.  This is actually an item from the appetizer list.  ;) 

Hubby, on the other hand, had a sushi platter….

… and gyoza (pork pot stuckers).

It took a while for my order to arrive, the longest we had to wait for food in this restaurant ever.  To make up for the delay, our server gave us 2 complimentary cups of fried hibachi rice and a complimentary upgrade of my white rice to fried hibachi rice.

I ordered a teppanyaki platter of chicken, shrimp and salmon. *sigh*  As always, everything was just perfect.  I especially loved the sweetness of the sauce that was brushed on the salmon.

For dessert, we had tiny, as in TINY, cups of cheesecake.  It was so tiny that by the time Abby was finished with hers, she came after mine.  Hahaha!  I could only guess who good it tasted.

We always find ourselves celebrating special occasions at Tokyo Steakhouse.  And rightfully so, because the place never disappoints and besides, we are such big fans of Japanese food. ;) 

I have more Mother’s Day weekend snapshots HERE.  More of Weekend Snapshots HERE.


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12 Responses to “WS #10: Mother’s Day at Tokyo Steak House”

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  2. gengen says:

    Wow thats yummy and delicious too. Hungry me…happy hunting. hope you visit mine.


  3. tigerfish says:

    What a great meal out! And I love the gestures they make – the upgrade. It’s about the service.

    Hi Tigerfish! We really appreciated the upgrade for the rice. Hahaha! It was crazy at the restaurant on Mother’s Day. My order probably got lost somewhere in the kitchen. :)


  4. ris says:

    wow looks yummy! i’m especially intrigued by the sushi platter. it’s been a while since i had sushi :)

    glad you enjoyed your day! belated happy mom’s day! :)

    Hi Iris! Belated Happy Mother’s Day to you, too! :)


  5. kiky says:

    look yummy! susshi is my favorite food aswell!
    happy mommy day!

    Hi Kiky! Thanks for the visit! :)


  6. abie says:

    yummy, yummy….got hungry after reading your post…

    mine is up too, hope you can check it out.

    happy WS!!

    Hi Abie! Thanks for dropping by! :)


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  8. Meeya says:

    kami rin sa appetizer list kumukuha ng order for ninna. or else the mommy will get stuck eating leftovers, hehe. i’m glad you had a yummy celeb! *muah*

    Hi Mee! E dito kasi under ng appetizers ang tempura. Sa Pinas, ulam na yun eh! Hahaha! Daming nakain ni Abby sa lunch na ito. Katuwa! Mmmwah!


  9. Cookie says:

    sarap ah. i luv the sushi plate :D

    mine’s up too..

    Hi Cookie! Thanks for dropping by. :)


  10. Pinky says:

    I so miss going to a real good Jap resto as this is seriously lacking here… waahhh! :(

    All the food you ordered look so delish – especially drooled over your platter and the cheesecake – yummy!

    Hi Pinks! In just a few weeks you’ll get to enjoy Japanese food again in Pinas. :) Ay, ang sarap ng food ko talaga. hahaha! Hindi ko nga lang natikman ang cheesecake. Bagal ko kasi eh. Babawas-bawasan ko na ang pagkuha ng picture next time. :)


  11. abby says:

    miss na miss na miss ko nang kumain ng sushi grabe!!!

    Hi Abby! Naku, when I was pregnant with Abby, yan yata ang biggest sacrifice. Hahaha! Mas malaking sacrifice kesa paulit-ulit na injection for blood test. I had gestational diabetes kasi. Hee hee. So pati sweets bawal! Argh! :)


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