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 Ever since I discovered “haute aprons”, I can’t stop looking at them.  It’s just that I can’t get over how gorgeous they are…and pricey, too!  One would actually need an apron to protect THE apron.  Hahaha!

Meet Gigi.

It’s a black on black ribbon applique apron.  The price?  You better hold on to something for balance…$300!  You can have this utterly divine apron or a new hand bag.  I say hand bag.  Hahaha!

Now, meet Coco.

It’s a white on black ribbon applique apron.  It’s also priced at $300 but on sale right now at 50% off.  The look of luxe.  Hee hee.  I still say handbag. :D

And now I present to you, Sarah.

As is obvious from the photo, Sarah is from the bridal collection.  It ties around the waist, with a billowing silky sash and adorned with jewel toned bells or rhinestone balls.  It’s supposed to be the ideal bridal shower or bridesmaid gift.  It’s priced at $100 but on sale right now at 50% off.

All these are from Elizabeth Scokin Haute Hostess Aprons.


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  1. uy type ko ang mga aprons na yan!

    tagged you again! sana di ka magsawa heheh:


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