My Little Sushi Princess

I don’t know how old Japanese kids start eating sashimi.  I was 9 when I did.  And on Mother’s Day, my daughter, who will be 4 in August, had her first taste of sashimi…salmon first, then tuna.  When asked how she liked it, she said, “Yum!  I like it!”  She doesn’t like wasabi…yet.  One small step at a time, ei?  Being a self-confessed sushi junkie, I have to say I’m very pleased.  Hahaha!

It was hubby who ordered the sushi platter for himself but shared it with Abby when the little girl wouldn’t stop asking to taste it.

For now, Abby uses  kiddie chopsticks, which are simply chopsticks held together by a clip.  Hopefully, she’ll soon learn how to use it without the clip. :)  I was 8 or 9 when I learned to use the chopsticks..the real slippery ones and not the wooden kind used in restaurants.  I practiced a lot on instant noodles.  Hee hee. :)

Do you like sushi?  When did you first taste sushi?  And when did you learn to use the chopsticks?  Just wondering. :)

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  1. Weng, it’s nice that you have started to educate Abby’s taste buds… and those kiddie chopsticks are cool.

    I started eating (tuna) sushi when Pinky and I started dating, so that definitely is way past 16 yo. I used chopsticks much earlier but I hate those ivory ones they have in the Chinese restos. Wooden sticks are better for me.

    Hi Keith! Abby will have well-rounded tastebuds. Hahaha! ;) You were 16 when you started eating tuna?! *gasps* I remember eating lots of instant noodles when I was little so Edward and I can practice using the chopsticks. It’s so hard to use, diba? It’s so slippery kasi lalo na for noodles! They do make for good practice. :D


  2. Pinky says:

    Didn’t have as much luck with our two boys. Though they were game enough to try it, they sadly didn’t like it the first time. Guess I have more “taste bud education” to do!

    As for me, I had my first sushi experience at 10 years old at the old Miyako restaurant in Pasay Road – and yes, they still didn’t have wooden chopsticks that time so I had to make do with the slippery ones! Didn’t stop me from enjoying my food though… am still a big Jap food fan up to now.

    Hi Pinks! Maybe Luigi and Rafa are late bloomers like Keith. Hopefully, when they turn 16, they’ll meet a girl for whom they’ll learn to appreciate the goodness of raw fish. Hahaha! I was only a year younger than you when I discovered my love for sushi. My first real Japanese resto experience was at Kamameshi House in Makati Ave. These days, it’s very rarely that ivory or plastic chopsticks are used in restaurants, ‘no? :D


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