The Weighting Game

Maintaining a healthy weight is a struggle for a lot of people.  That includes me.  While there are people who can boast of being able to eat what they want whenever they want and not gain an ounce of weight, there are a lot more who are obese and finding it extremely difficult to lose weight.

For the record, surgery is farthest from my mind, but admittedly, there are some people who find that it is the only way out for them.   If one is overly obese and so desperately want to lose weight but couldn’t, for one reason or another, it can really get frustrating.  Fortunately for them, there is the lapband system, which, I hear, is the safest weight loss surgery option.

New Hope Bariatrics is one such center that specializes in obesity surgery.  They have centers in Los Angeles, Kansas and Charlotte.  Their surgeons are toprated and truly dedicated to weight loss.  The centers offer a  comprehensive program, which includes extensive education and after care programs, financial counseling, long term clinical support and  access to a community forum of patients and health care porfessional.  Patients, such as, Tess, Alan, Rebecca, Cyndi, Amanda, Jodi and  Elma are very happy with their newer and healthier selves.  Their success stories will prove to be an inspiration to those who are considering weight lsos surgery.

As for me, my BMI is still good, surprisingly. :)  Proper diet and regular exercise are still my best bet for now.

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