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Coupon clippers will love this.  Vista Print, an online high quality printer with more than 12 million customers the world over, has some of the best on-line offers.  With the vistaprint coupons, one can avail of discounts, from 50% and up, on various Vista Print products:

Business Cards – Take advantage of an 80% savings on Premium Business Cards with thousands of designs to choose from.  Vista Print also offers Free Business cards and the customer only pays for the shipping and processing.

Checks – Avail of 50% discount on checks.  There are dozens of designs available.  They also offer 25 free checks with 6 designs to choose from.  Only pay for the shipping and processing.

Address Labels – Save yourself a lot of time by using address labels instead of writing down your addresses.  With the vistaprint coupons, labels are discounted upto 80% off the original price.  These are self sticking and very convenient.  For an added touch of fun and humor, you may choose the caricature return address labels.

Calendars – Take 50% off the original price of calendars, a great giveaway for clients, friends, even family.

Stamps – Self-inking address and multi purpose stamps are available at 50% off.  Another time saver for busy bodies!

Other than these products, Vista Print also has pens, custom hats and t-shirts.

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