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I may have put my professional life (that is of architect and designer) on hold indefinitely, but my love for everything artistic, decorating and the like will always come to the surface.  If I had the extra budget, I will probably go crazy decorating our leased townhouse.  And I will most probably start in the kitchen.

I spend a great deal of time in the kitchen, my “home office”.  I chanced upon some fabulous Italian pottery at the website of Upside Living while I was doing some research work for an upcoming trade show.  And I have to say, people who have a taste for the finer things in life, not to mention the budget to afford it, will love this site and its products.

Not only do they have Italian Pottery, they have a fine selection of home decor, which includes, Spanish pottery, area rugs, art sculptures, painted glassware, luxury pet products, pillows and throws and many more.  In the garden decor category, they have tiki torches, weathervanes, windchimes, house numbers, outdoor heaters, fire pits and a host of other garden products.  There are luxury gift options, too.

The site has very useful and interesting information about the various methods and techniques that were employed to come up with the different products.  These will help site visitors understand what makes Upside Living products unique and truly luxurious.  Truly Upside Living equals luxury.

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