Carolina Colours

Hubby recently went on a business trip to North Carolina and he mentioned that the manager of the plant he visited, Jim,  is saving up for a new home where he and his wife plan to retire. The couple is now looking into  New Bern NC real estate.  Jim was raving so much about New Bern that if he continued doing so for 5 more minutes, hubby would have been convinced that NC is the right place for us as well.

New Bern, I found out, is the 2nd oldest town in NC.  It is perfect for people who want to be in place that is oozing with history and romance.  My kind of place really…cobblestone sidewalks, quaint boutiques, art & antique shops, the real deal. :)  But for now, hubby and I are just content in wishing Jim and his wife well on their home search.

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