Longganisa (Filipino-Style Sausage) Craving

Longganisa, the Filipino-Style sausage, is one of my favorite viands (ulam).  It is perfect with fried eggs and garlic fried rice or even plain rice.  This trio of longganisa. fried rice and egg is commonly referred to in the Philippines as long-si-log: longganisa (sausage) –sinangag (fried rice) – itlog (egg).

I was craving this favorite Filipino food combo but was too much of a cheapskate to buy longganisa at the Filipino store.  I know in time, I will get over the habit of covnertng the dollar to peso.  Hee hee.  Besides,I doubt if they had chicken longganisa.  As I have mentioned so many times already, I’ve already stopped eating pork. :D  If only to curb the craving, hubby and I bought the next best thing…turkey sausage

Hubby crushed the garlic chips we have into bits and I sprinkled them on the hot rice.  That’s instant garlic rice for you.  Hee hee!  The sausages had an Italian kick to it but to help bring in the feeling of home, at least for me, I made sure I had one of two favorite dipping sauces, vinegar with a dash of sault. ;)  The other would be sliced tomatoes.

Did it satisfy my craving?  Hmm…yeah…a little. :)  Maybe I’ll have it with tomatoes next time.  Or, better yet, I can check out the Filipino store for other possibilities.

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  1. abby says:


    Hi Abs! Gusto ko talaga ng tunay na longganisa…yung may manikit-nikit pang sauce na ipapahid mo sa kanin. Hahaha!


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