Surfin’ USA

My California-based cousins went surfing with a group of friends several weeks ago. I have just received the photos they sent via email.  They are such surfer dudes and babes!  What caught my attention though were the cool surfboard bags all of them seemed to have.  When I asked about it, my simple question turned into Surfboard Bags 101.  Hahaha!  They all got their bags from, where else, The Surfboard Warehouse.  I didn’t realize the bags fell into three categories:  travel bags, day bags and board socks.  Did you know that?  And they come in sleek styles and cool colors.  I’m kinda liking the silver ones though.  I might just have to learn how to surf…if only for the bragging rights to carry a board…and the bag too!  Hee hee! :)

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