Wildest Vacation

What makes for a wild vacation?  That’s subjective, really.  I would consider my very first trip to the US, specifically, Los Angeles, as my wildest vacation.  I was 11 years old then and for the first time in my life, I rode an airplane.  I was with my Mom and brother (who was then 10 years old).  You can just imagine how excited my brother and I were that time!  It’s been more than 20 years now, yet, I can still recall details of that one month and a week long vacation as if it were just yesterday.

If  you’re planning on going to LA, I’m telling you, there’s just so many things to do in Los Angeles!  In our case, we went to Knott’s Berry Farm, which was our first theme park experience.  Then of course, we went to Universal Studios and the highlight of that visit, at least for me, was the backlot tram tour.  Most importantly, we went to Disneyland and had our photos taken with every Disney character possible!  I still have my photo with THE Donald…Duck not Trump. :D  We also drove around Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Redondo Beach.  Our relatives also took us to San Francisco, San Diego and Las Vegas!  I just can’t help but smile in contentment whenever I look back to those days.

My daughter will be on summer vacation soon and hubby and I are now looking for possible sightseeing tours we can take in July.  We’re thinking of going to Florida and checking out things to do in Orlando.  Then again, I hear there are a lot of new things to do in Las Vegas so we might as well just visit our relatives in LA again and just drive off to Vegas.  Hmmm.

Anyway, I will continue looking for possibilities at Trusted Tours and Attractions.  They are having a special promotion right now.  By simply signing-up for their newsletter, one gets a chance to win a $150 ITunes Gift Card.  Just go to the sign-up page if you’re interested to join. Have you already started planning activities for the summer? Now is a good time to start! :D

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