Pepsi Light But Not Quite

This 200ml bottle may be light in calories but definitely not on the pocket, particularly MY Filipino pocket.  I had this drink at a Vietnamese restaurant in Maastricht, a city in the Netherlands, in February 2006.  Being a tourist from the Philippines, it just shocked the b’juices (I’m Catholic! Hahaha!) out of me that this teeny weeny bottle of soda was worth 2.50 Euro.  That’s 120 pesos back then! At around that time in the Philippines, Coke and almost every other soda bottling company in the Philippines had a cola of the same size selling only for 5 freakin’ pesos!  That’s not even 20 US cents!  Hahaha!  I remember Coke’s tiny soda was called “Coke Sakto“.  Sakto means “exact” in English.  I wonder if we still have that in the Philippines.  Believe you me, I savored every sip and every gulp of that Pepsi Light.  Now, I just don’t drink soda anymore.  Promise. 

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  1. Weng, naku, everything in Europe is so expensive… hindi lang Pepsi Light.


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