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SocialSpark is the newest baby of Izea, the company behind the very successful Pay Per Post.  It is like a soiree for bloggers and advertisers alike.  Since Social Spark went live, a couple of my bloggers friends have already signed up.  I have, too, but my profile still needs a lot of work.  I hope to give it the attention it needs some time this week.  Hee hee.

Through Social Spark, advertisers and bloggers are brought closer together, such that advertisers are able to check out the sites of bloggers before finally deciding on where to put their ads/campaigns.  Bloggers, on the other hand, have just found themselves another means to earn extra income. ;)

I like how the bloggers are able to sort of vote for (opp) or against an ad (drop) or each other!  This gives bloggers who want to “line-up” for a post, a better idea on how an ad may or may not be worth doing. :D  From what I’ve noticed so far, bloggers are getting into the “team work” spirit and giving each other props as well. It can be quite exciting specially if one is such a networking afficionado. :)

While the idea behind Social Spark is no doubt bright, there are a few kinks that need to be addressed.  I’ve been reading complaints frpm some bloggers, such that they reserved an opportunity for a certain amount  and when their turn to finally write the ad for that opp, the payment amount has alreaydy been greatly reduced.  And then, one doesn’t really have a clue how long he or she will have to wait to get the opportunity he or she is waiting in line for.

I hope all these issues will be resolved soon.  For now, bloggers can have a ball visiting each other’s profile, giving each other props, and generally, growing their network of friends.

*This post is sponsored by Social Spark.*

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  1. karen says:

    I’m a newbie too in Social Sparks but sad to say, I can’t spend much time yet for my profile due to work constraint.


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