WS #11: First Chinese Barbecue

First Chinese Barbecue is another restaurant located at the China Town Center, where the Asian supermarket we go to is located.  We ate here for the first time on a Sunday about a month ago and a second time yesterday.  I couldn’t complain about the food.  The food is just good.  But I couldn’t say the same about the drinks, particuarly the soy milk that we were served yesterday. 

Soy milk is my daughter’s official Chinese restaurant beverage. She never ever finishes her drink so I decided  to just share the drink with her.  It was a blessing that she was sleeping when we got to the restaurant upto the time the food was served as I got to take the first sip from the glass of soy milk.  And guess what, it was spoiled.  I noticed from the start that it was unusually thick.  When I finally tasted it, my suspicion was justified.  It was already sour.  We called the attention of our server and told her what was wrong.  She smelled it and handed me the beverage list so I can order another drink.  When she left for the kitchen, I noticed she smelled the glass of soy milk again.  And then, she took out a container of what I presumed to be the soy milk, from the fridge.  She took the cap off and smelled it.  Then she disappeared further into the kitchen.  Tsk tsk.

On our first visit to the restaurant, we only ordered 3 food items.  Shrimp fried rice was one of them.  We loved it.  There was a generous amount of shrimps that you don’t really need any other food item to go with the rice :)  We brought home a third of this rice as there was just too much.

Hubby wanted pork and I wanted duck so we ordered a combination of both: barbecue pork and peking duck.  How I’ve missed duck!  Hee hee!  Both hubby and Abby liked the barbecue pork.  The duck doesn’t taste very differently from the ones I’ve had in the Philippines.  Or has it just been too long that I didn’t really notice the difference?  Hmmm.

This was my favorite, the seafood crispy noodles.  I’ve always preferred cirspy noodles over the other types of (soupless) noodles.  Abby loved the (imitation) crabsticks and the squid…and the vegetables, too.  Like the rice, we brought home a third of the crispy noodles.

While we love the food, the service is something else.  It just takes too long for the food to get to the table.  On our first visit, there was “a spot” on one of the plates that were given to us so we asked to have it replaced.  And then there’s our soy milk story yesterday.  Good food and good service just have to go hand in hand.  Since the food is really good, we’ll just do away with the service part and order take out next time.

Have a great week y’all!  I have another weekend snapshot entry HERE.  Check out the other WS participants HERE.

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11 Responses to “WS #11: First Chinese Barbecue”

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  2. Thess says:

    oh man! this entry makes me want to run tot he nearest Chinese restaurant!

    happy week ahead, chef munchkin ;)


  3. I love crispy noodles too. The roast pork and duck looks good to me.


  4. SandyCarlson says:

    That looks wonderful!


  5. tigerfish says:

    Fried rice and char siew…I think that’s comfort food to me :D


  6. Cookie says:

    Yum!! Love the barbecue platter..I’m getting hungry all of a sudden :)

    Happy WS!


  7. mommy emy says:

    yummy!!!! I suddenly crave for shrimp fried rice, peking duck, and seafood fried noodles! Ang saarrraaap!

    Stick to the SILK SOY MILK if you want to give Abby the soy milk. You should really have filed a complaint for serving you that spoiled drink. Imagine the damage that could have been done to Abby had she drunk that!

    Hi Mommy! The food is yummy indeed but we will choose Chinese food from our favorite restaurants there in the Philippines anytime! And about the soy milk, now we know we should really taste Abby’s food and drinks first before we give them to her! :) Huwag ka na magalit. :D Love you! :)


  8. Julie says:

    Wow, that looks yummy, Weng. Too bad about the soy milk,maybe its the heat.

    Have a great week!


  9. Meeya says:

    buti na lang you were able to discover the spoiled milk before abby ever took one sip of it. grabe, kung sa amin nangyari yun, pina-away ko kay hubby, hahaha!

    the crispy noodles look yummy! penge!


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  11. Weng, they should be more careful serving spoiled soya milk (or any food for that matter). Nake, diyan pa sa states! Kung sa atin yan eh baka sabihin na ganoon talaga ang lasa nung gatas no.

    The food looks really yummy. I miss the duck and pork barbeque.