Dallas Bound

I just got off the phone with my Oklahoma-based friend, Ted.  He and his family are inviting us to meet up with them in Dallas for the Memorial Day Weekend.  Ted’s wife, Ann, will be celebrating her birthday this coming Saturday.  We accepted, of course!  I really want to go back to Dallas because I want to take flower pics at the Dallas Arboretum!

Speaking of flowers, I’m thinking of sending Ann some for her birthday.  Do you think she’d like that?  Because personally, I would!   I’ve already googled for Dallas florists and found GiftTree.com.  I do think it makes a lot more sense to order flowers from a Dallas based florist.  I’m still debating between a bouqet of roses, a flower arrangement in a basket or a combination of flowers and balloons, all of which are available at the  GiftTree. 

I will have to make a final decision tonight.  While the GiftTree is capable of same day delivery, it will just make me feel better if I do it ahead of time.  I don’t want to risk forgetting about it!  I am so looking forward to the weekend already! :)

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