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Being a stay-at-home-mom, I cook and bake a lot.  Often, I would print recipes from the internet and then just shove them in the kitchen drawer when I’m through with them.  So when time comes and I want to cook a particular dish again, guess what, I can’t find the recipe anymore!  Are you anything like me?  Hee hee.  If you are, then you’d be happy to know that we can now better organize our recipes. 

Hello Key Ingredient!  Key Ingredient is a website where you can store your favorite Easy Recipes, the more complex ones and even your most-guarded-handed-down-from-generation-to-generation ones!  Don’t worry, it’s all upto you whether you want to make your recipes public and share them with fellow home chefs or you can lock ’em up and keep them secret from everyone else.  It’s like your online recipe sharing website.  You get to take a peek at the favorite recipes of others, too…which you might also end up liking!

I’ve only uploaded one recipe so far just to get a feel of the site.  And I’m liking it.  I have so many more recipes to upload.  Want to take a look?

I feel recipes will make their way to my site via this cool Key Ingredient widget. 

I’ve blabbed way, too much already.  Go check it out for yourself and like me, you might find it cool as well!  Happy recipe organizing and sharing! :)

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