PH# 11: Shoes

I originally planned on making shoe-shaped cookies, but I was just too darned lazy.  All I could come up for this week’s photo hunt theme that I could tie-up with food is this…

I have another photo hunt entry HERE.  More photo hunters here.

Athlete’s toast?  I just got a slice of bread and took out my “food writer” markers.  :D  My creative juices aren’t exactly flowing.  Hee hee!

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6 Responses to “PH# 11: Shoes”

  1. […] have another photo hunt entry HERE. More photo hunters here. Posted in Photo Hunt by munchkinmommy RSS 2.0 01 Lynn May […]

  2. Tamy says:

    Very imaginative – great perspective on the theme. Maybe the next best thing to athletes and Wheaties?


  3. tigerfish says:

    This is so unique. You should sell the idea to Nike and they may use it if they ever have a Nike cafe in future :D


  4. joy says:

    how creative of you weng! what kind of food marker did you use? ang cool huh!


  5. tnchick says:

    Way to be creative!! Nice job on the swoosh!


  6. […] This was taken at the Austin Museum of Art in October last year.  I’ve featured this slice of bread in my edible art entry and I used the method behind decorating this slice of toast in last week’s photo hunt. […]

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