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Have you ever heard of corporate hospitality? It is a concept that is so new to me.  It is one of the most acceptable and  effective  ways of creating and nurturing business relationships.  We are all aware of how rival companies compete to win new clients and retain old ones.  And most of the time, these companies try to outdo each other and that includeshow they pamper their clients.  In the UK for instance, Worldwide Sports Travel is one of the leading, if not the leading, corporate hospitality agents.  They specialize in providing corporate hospitality to major sporting events in the UK and overseas: tennis, golf, football, F1, etc.   They make sure that their clients are provided with the finest facilities, banqueting and tailored packages or simply accessing their worldwide ticketing and hotel service.   Truly, they are into high-quality client management!  Corporate hospitality is not purely about maintaining clients.  It is also a good way for companies to reward their employees.  It’s an excellent incentive for a job well done!  Whoever is at the receiving end of this corporate hospitality will surely feel important and cared for!  It would be wonderful if hubby’s company has such an incentive!  :D

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