Yummy Stinky Durian :D

I used to not like durian primarily because of its “unique odor”.  And there’s something about the texture of the fruit that I didn’t quite like.  My Mom has loved the fruit for as long as I remember.  I was already in my late 20s when I “saw the light”.  Hahaha.  I gave the fruit a taste and it was as if I tasted it for the first time.  It was creamy and tasted very good, too.  I’ve been a fan since.  In the Philippines, whenever we went to Tiendesitas, we make sure we buy durian for dessert after our meals.  We like durian ice cream, too!

I’m glad I found these pics from my archives.  These were taken in Malaysia in May 2005.  We just came from Genting Highlands and on the way back to Kuala Lumpur, we requested the driver of the van we rented to make a quick stop at this stall. :D

my sis-in-law, Claire and my Mom

I could’t join my sister-in-law, Claire, and my Mom in the durian feasting because Abby was sleeping in the van. But I made up for it when we got back to the hotel…

my date with a very “unsusual” comfort food ;)

Hotel guests are not allowed to bring durian into the hotel.  But the man we bought it from wrapped it really well that it didn’t smell at all.  Late that night, I snuck out to the balcony and feasted on the durian all by myself.  Yummy! :)

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  1. abby says:

    alam mo i’ve never tasted durian ever, except for, i guess durian-flavored candies. is it the same? sobrang na-curious tuloy ako.


  2. tin says:

    ang cute mo ha. patago ang kain ng durian. :)


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