Portion Control

Yup, I’ve been doing a good job of watching what I eat and controlling my food portions and calorie intake.  I only started last Monday and it looks like I finally got my mojo back.  And not once did I ever consider taking Leptovox!  I’m old school when it comes to losing weight. ;)   You can only imagine how terribly hard it is to look at and write about food when I’m on a mission to lose weight and not want to have anything to do with food.  Hee hee.  But I love food, always have and always will.  So on with the show. :D

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  1. Shashikate says:

    Hi! since Im really glued to your blog and I wanted to help you on your mission to loose weight, but, Hellow: without your blog on food ill be left out in new food, venue and events. huhuhu! kaya keep on blogging…
    I found pala new food booth at Corinthian Hills in Quezon City its Heavenly Treats,serves “Fun-nel Crisps” with piping hot choco. sarap… parang churros and funnel cake with a twist at mas ok. sarap


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