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A lot of people result to snacking whenever they are stressed.  Chocolates, ice cream and chips seem to taste better, if they can be tasted at all, when one is going through a stressful phase.  We don’t have to be a genius to know that seeking solace in food isn’t good at all and will only bring about weight related problems later on, thus, more cause for stress.

When I am feeling stressed, hard as it is, I try to close my eyes and shut out whatever negative feelings I may have at a particular moment.  I pray.  I let myself have a good cry.  I daydream.  I visualize a world where what was causing my stress ceases to exist or has already ceased to exist.  I realize though that this is easier said than done specially for a lot of people.

There are people who have a tougher time dealing with stress that they resort to medication to help calm their nerves down.  Fortunately, there is now an all-natural herbal dietary supplement available in the market that help relieve stress, AbsoluteCalm.  It is non-habit forming and not addictive and has no side effects.  The active ingredient is magnolia extract, which comes in perfect form from nature.  Compared to other great herbs that help reduce stress, magnolia extract relieves one of stress almost instantly.  If taken responsibly, AbsoluteCalm can bring about just that, absolute calm.  As for me, I will stick to my tried and tested ways of relieving stress.  Should meditation not be enough for me, retail therapy always does wonders. :D

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