WS #13: Soba

We went to the Asian supermarket (MT Supermarket) yesterday, specifically,  to buy lunch items for my daughter.  She just loves having dimsum for lunch in school and we urgenty had to restock.  Hee hee!  After grabbing what we needed from the frozen food section, we proceeded to go through some of the aisles at the supermarket.  While at the Japanese aisle, hubby and I decided on a very simple impromptu Japanese dinner at home. ;)

My husband and I both love soba  (Japanese buckwheat noodles) so we grabbed a package of buckwheat noodles, a small bottle of soba tsuyu (noodle dipping sauce), a jar of nori (roasted shredded seaweed) and a tiny can of wasabi powder.

When we got home, I started dinner after playing with bubbles with my daughter.  Here’s the “before picture” (two bundles of buckwheat noodles were already in the pot of boiling water when I took this picture) of our dinner.

And here is the finished product…


I wonder why it took us so long to make this at home!  Tsk tsk!  It would have been nice if I had my own zaru, a sieve-like bamboo try on which chilled soba is typically served.  I’m glad we bought wasabi in powder form instead of the already prepared tubed ones.  Powder is definitely better than tubed.  I only needed to add water and voila, it was ready in no time.  So what if it’s carbo loading?!  Hahaha.  It looks like we’ll be having this at home more often. ;)  If you can boil water, then you can very well have soba in the comforts of your own dining room anytime. :D

Have a great week, y’all! 

ps:  My other Weekend Snapshot entry is “Bubbles and Blooms“. :)

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16 Responses to “WS #13: Soba”

  1. Weng, I love soba. I learned to eat this when it was served to us in the plane going to Japan. Simple but delicious.


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  3. jenb says:

    Cold Soba at home! YUM!


  4. snippets says:

    haven’t tried that yet… but am sure I’ll like it! :)


  5. tin says:

    it looks so good, weng! do you just mix the ingredients, that’s all? if it’s easy to make, i’ll try to prepare it for R. he loves jap noodles. :)


  6. SandyCarlson says:

    All of that looks delicious.


  7. gengen says:

    Oh buck wheat hubby is allergic that kind of thing and it will cause him to breath short. Happy WS!


  8. Pinky says:

    Definitely one of our favorites too! Yum-yum! ;)


  9. Lynn says:

    Sounds like a dinner express. :)


  10. julie says:

    Definitely better than the ready made ones :)

    Have a great week, Weng.


  11. Meeya says:

    nice! ang adventurous niyo talaga pagdating sa food. kung ako yan, bibili na lang ako, haha! :) have a great week ahead weng! *muah*


  12. tigerfish says:

    I love soba. What took the longest time? Boiling the soba?


  13. Reflexes says:

    love noodles…yummy soba :)


  14. Cookie says:

    uy, sarap naman niyan..pahingi..hehehe :)



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