Match Making

I don’t mean for the love kind, more like for the spend kind…credit cards. ;)  Having a credit card these days is a necessity.  It is a safer alternative to lugging around too much cash.  And as long as it is used properly and responsibly and one doesn’t perceive the credit limit as one’s own money, then everything should sail smoothly, moneywise.

It’s amazing how this small piece of plastic has evolved throughout the years that there are now so-called credit card categories:  low interest, balance transer, no annual fee, business, airline rewards, gas rewards, cash back, prepaid, student, etc.  You’ll find the complete category list and how they differ from each other at Credit Cards Club.  You should be able to find the one that’s right for you.  In the case of my hubby, he travels a lot.  And an airline rewards card is best for him.  In the last few months, the price of gas just keeps getting higher every day so much so that a gas rewards card might be right for just about everyone.  So, which kind is a perfect match for you?

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