PH #13: Bad Hair

This week’s Photo Hunt theme is “Bad Hair”.  I thought I’d have to sit this one out but I found this…

Wiii!  This is “Aglio e Olio Angel HAIR Pasta”. ;)  It’s just angel hair pasta with olive oil, garlic, broccolli and tuna.  It only turns into BAD angel HAIR pasta when you eat too much of it. :D  Eating excessively is bad, right? :P Hee hee.

I have another photo hunt entry HERE, my daughter as Hannah Montana. ;)  Visit other photo hunters here.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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11 Responses to “PH #13: Bad Hair”

  1. […] have angel hair pasta HERE, my other photo hunt entry.  Visit more photo hunters […]

  2. Jenny A. says:

    Well, this won’t hurt anyone’s feelings! ;-) Looks like a picture of good hair—not toto much tp make you sick.
    Enjoy your week!


  3. ann says:

    That’s a very good take on this week’s theme. So unique!!


  4. Hootin' Anni says:

    What a unique concept for this week’s prompt!!

    My ‘bad hair’ is of a TV star from decades ago…stop by, won’t you?

    [there is also a long meme I did for today, so if you wish to leave a comment for me, you will have to scroll down the blog entry to find the comment link!]

    Happy Hunting!!


  5. HAHA … bad angel hair! Good one!


  6. Love your take on the theme!!! Very creative!


  7. Sandy M says:

    Very creative take on the theme. Have a great weekend!


  8. sammawow says:

    That’s a great take on today’s theme! The angel hair pasta looks pretty good!


  9. Elmira says:

    This is healthy eating!!! Your posts are all good!


  10. tigerfish says:

    OMG! We are in sync on angel hair pasta! :D


  11. Meeya says:

    akala ko hindi masarap kaya bad hair, haha! :D