Strike It Out On Your Own

As an avid blogger, one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself is to host my own site.  Well, at least two of the three that I currently have.  It’s just a matter of time though before my personal blog breaks away from free web site hosting, too  Hahaha. ;)  I simply love the freedom of hosting my own sites.

If you’re planning to strike it out on your own, too, my advice is to go for a web hosting service that is secure, reliable and has close to 100% uptime, say 99.9%.  You will, of course, want a generous amount of disk storage, data transfer, FTP accounts, e-mailboxes, sub-domains and directory pointers.  Web hosting service providers offer different packages that meet your requirements and budget.  So be sure to look around.

One that is worth checking out is Network Solutions, which has been awarded the  Find My Host Editor’s Choice Award for June 2008.  They have 3 web hosting packages to choose from, Standard, Advanced and Pro and with an annual purchase, you will get a free domain as well.  That’s a very good deal, if you ask me.  The most affordable of the three, the Standard package, goes for only $9.96 a month with annual purchase.  It comes with 25GB disk space and 250GB monthly transfer.  This should be enough for you if you don’t stuff your site with too many things anyway.

Break away from free hosting!  I assure you, you will love the freedom of having full control over your sites. ;)

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    Very good recommendation!


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