Weird as it may seem, that’s the abbreviated way of saying thank you in the Philippines.  At least, it used to be.  Hee hee.  Thank yous have a way of making a person feel good, whether one is the giver of thanks or at the receiving end of these words of gratitude.  These days, it doesn’t really matter anymore how one wishes to write or say it, from the more proper “thank you” or “thanks” to the otherwise lazy “ty” or “tnx”, as long as it is uttered (or written) in utmost sincerity.

Here in the US, I really appreciate how people give as much importance to  thank you cards as they do invitations.  Whenever my daughter, Abby, is invited to a classmate’s birthday party, a thank you card will be waiting in her cubby the very first school day after the party.  I think it’s a very sweet and thoughtful gesture.

Are there people you wish to send a message of thanks to?  Or maybe, you have an upcoming party and have yet to order your thank you cards.  You might want to check out Vista Print, which I hear, offers the best printing at the best price. More than thank you cards, they also print greeting cards, invitations, business cards, promotional materials, practically anything that can be printed. :)  You can personalize your cards and make use of their templates or upload your own design.  It’s all up to you really.

This is my cue to say T.Y.  :)

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