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Do you take vitamins and supplements?  We do.  At least, when we remember to take them. :D  I don’t recall ever being without vitamin supplements.  Growing up, I remember taking them.  My Mom took them religiously and has become a walking drugstore of sorts.  Currently, hubby and I take multivitamins, vitamin E (400 i.u.) and vitamin C (500 mg).  I’m prone to colds that’s why it’s important that I load up on my Cs.

It’s a given that one has to have health insurance here in the U.S. because health care is just so darned expensive.  As one goes through the golden years, in addition to these vitamin supplements and  health insurance, a medicare supplement is also a must have.  Why?  Because Medicare does not cover all health care bills.  It has deductibles and co-payments for some services.  And the insured is responsible for paying the costs of services not covered by Medicare.  These are reason enough, aren’t they?  It’s like paying an additional fee for one’s peace of mind. ;)

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