Don’t Drink & Boat

A lot of times, we see pick-up trucks on the road pulling a boat.   And Hubby and I think, wow, it’ll sure be nice if we had one of our own someday.  During the Phi-Phi Island leg of our Thailand honeymoon six years ago, we had a chance to go island hopping on a speed boat.  It was sooo much fun, that much I can tell you!

Here in the US, unfortunately, some people treat boating a little too lightly and are guilty of Boating Operating Under the Influence.  This has resulted to a number of accidents and death even!  In fact, 1/3 of fatal boating accidents in the US are alcohol related.  If we look into the stats of the state of Arizona, 50% of fatal Arizona Boating accidents in 2007, were alcohol related.   There are states where a person is required to take boating education classes before he is allowed to operate a boat.  However, that is not the case in other states, such as Arizona.  Statistics show that educated boaters are 70% less likely to be involved in boating accidents.  That alone should be reason enough for boat owners and anyone whoever wants to operate a boat, to attend the class.  It shouldn’t be too much of a hassle as anyone can take Boating Education Online.

If you’re not so convinced yet, then watch these two videos:

It is better to boat safe, boat smart and boat sober than be sorry.  As they say over at the Austin Police Police, “Don’t be a pain in the boat.” ;)

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