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It’s been more than two months now since I got my own domain and signed up with a web host.  I’m pretty much getting the hang of it now compared to the first day of my new found  “independence”.  Each day, however, still continues to be a learning experience. 

Those who are still dilly-dallying about self hosting have their work cut out for them already should they finally decide to give it a go.  A visit to WebHostingGeeks alone will help narrow down one’s choices of web hosts.  The site has a wealth of information on web hosting, from ratings to reviews to domain name registration and a whole lot more.  Between you and me, I have to say I’m shocked that my web host isn’t in WHG’s top 10!  I suggest you “window shop” for a possible web host at WHG.  Doing so will give you a feel of the different packages and price ranges that are being offered by a good number of  web hosts.

Happy web host shopping! ;)

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