WW #16: The Chocolate Cake Murder Mystery


The bloody victim…

Who did it?  *shrugs*

Let’s ask the eyewitness…

He’s pleading the 5th.  Oh well!

Fret not, the perpetrators were caught in the act…

The mastermind (the mad woman in blue) was sentenced to 60 minutes of high-intensity aerobics.  The accomplice?  She’s just too darned cute.  She, of course, got away with it.  ;)

Another “victim” HERE, my other Wordless Wednesday entry.  More of Wordless Wednesday HERE.

Happy Wednesday to all!

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13 Responses to “WW #16: The Chocolate Cake Murder Mystery”

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  2. Cecily says:

    Very very clever!!! Great shots and great story telling!


  3. Looks delicious.

    Come by and take a look at my garden. Happy WW!


  4. Fernweh says:

    love it, very cute. :-)


  5. tin says:

    death by chocolate! :) yummy, yummy cake. ;)

    WW 2: Chinese Charm Bracelets
    WW 14: Big Happy Feet

    hope you drop by, weng.. happy ww!


  6. Dyes says:

    nice theme!

    darn! your accomplice is too cute to have a sentence :)


  7. julie says:

    Argh, we just finished our father’s Day cake from red ribbon the other day :D

    Happy WW!


  8. Nice ones! Thanks for sharing. Happy WW.


  9. ces says:

    haha! another great post and yummy chocolate cake!!!i bet it is sooo moist and dense and ultimately sinful! now, give me 20 push-ups!


  10. Meeya says:

    haha, todo emote kayong mag-ina ha. :D kawawa naman ang cake… walang kalaban-laban… tsk tsk tsk.


  11. Hi Weng. Just wanted to drop by. For some reason, the images are not loading properly. I will come back to view it later. Take care.


  12. SandyCarlson says:

    That was fun! Of course, the acccomplice was young enough not to need the aerobics!