Life on Wheels

I’ve always been fascinated by recreational vehicles better known as RVs.  In my younger years, I thought it would be cool to travel in a vehicle that  has a working kitchen, toilet and bed.  Think about it, no restroom stops!  It’s like living a superstar life. :D  Not too long ago, I even brought up the idea of an RV get-away to my husband!  I really think that would be so much fun.  My friend’s neighbors took a week-long roadtrip in an RV early this month.  They liked it so much they they are now considering getting one for their family and have started checking out Used RVs at  I won’t be surprised if I find an RV parked in their driveway the next time I visit my friend.  Would you ever consider a life on wheels?  Just for a couple of days? :D

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