Cell Phone Upgrade

I’m thinking of upgrading my cellphone.  I haven’t decided yet if I will do a unit upgrade or a plan upgrade or both.  I currently have a Nokia cellphone, the model of which I can’t even recall, or maybe I just choose to forget it.  Hee hee. :)  It does all the basic stuff a cell phone should do, that is, make and receive calls and send and receive text messages.  :)  It has internet connectivity at least, which I don’t use anyway.  The line, by the way, is a T-Mobile  prepaid.  I’m thinking of buying a phone with a camera and bluetooth connection.  My other phone has all these features plus a 3G connection.  Too bad it runs on my Philippine mobile phone line. :D  May I just say that if I do upgrade my unit, pink cell phones are out of the question.  Hahaha!

Hubby needs a handset upgrade, too!  His is a company issued phone with a Verizon Wireless postpaid plan.  We both have the same phone features, but his has a bluetooth connection.  I don’t know if I should switch service providers so hubby and I will have the same provider.  We also constantly receive offers from at&t and Sprint, too.

I’ve been checking out bestincellphones.com to help me decide.  And I hope to come up with a decision real soon…before we take our July vacation. :)

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