Take Advantage

My daughter will be on summer break starting next week.  Woohoo for her and woohoo for me!  Hee hee.  That means we will both enjoy some additional shut-eye. :)  We plan on doing a lot of fun things the entire month that Abby will be on vacation from school.  July is my birth month, too, so we’ll definitely be very busy. Being the restless people that we are, we’re bound to drive a lot, rising cost of gas notwithstanding. :D  We are most likely going to take Advantage, the car rental company, I mean, for our out-of-town trips.   :)  They are offering very attractive weekend rates, so attractive that they are just a little too hard to resist.  Sometimes, renting a car comes out to be more practical than taking one’s own, specially during the weekends.  We might just do that. ;)

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