China Buffet Palace

Last Sunday, we had lunch at the China Buffet Palace.  I really wish they would just drop the “China” from the name or replace it with “Asian” since the food selection is indeed Asian, mostly Japanese and Chinese and a little bit of Vietnamese, Thai and Korean.

We are Japanese food/sushi fans, including my 3-year old daughter.  For starters, I had a sushi feast…

I’ll be first to admit that these are not Japanese restaurant authentic, but they are not bad at all.  And as you can see, they have quite a selection.  In a Japanese restaurant, a plateful of sushi would cost more than the buffet price we paid per head.  Hee hee.  I was very pleased indeed.  Forget “authentic”! ;)

I liked the small crabs, cocktail shrimps and the crab salad…

Hubby and I agree that the chicken teriyaki and fried chicken wings are good, too.  Not the quality you would expect from a buffet place.  Hee hee.  And the cheesy baked mussels do not disappoint!

Hubby had pretty much the same food I had, except he had the Korean barbecue beef ribs…

I used to eat that, too during my red meat eating hey days.  Nowadays, I’m happy to just take a photo. :D  For dessert, I had fruits…not!  This is just for show.  Hahaha.  I did eat a few pieces of honeydew and the watermelon.  They were ripe and fresh and very refreshing.

I would pick the sinful desserts over fruits any day.  However, it’s with the cakes where this restaurant really fell short.  They were dry and crumbly.  I like my cakes soft and moist.

China buffet palace has a very good selection of food, from the soups, to the appetizers, to the “main course” hot dishes and desserts.    At $10.95 per person on weeknights and weekends ($7.95 for weekday lunches), I say we got more than what we paid for.  Kids price is $3.95.  We’ve been here so many times before.  And we’ll keep coming back. :)

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Enjoy the rest of the week!

China Buffet Palace
2601 S I H 35 Bldg B
Round Rock, TX 78664
(512) 388-9600

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6 Responses to “China Buffet Palace”

  1. Karen says:

    OK, now I’m craving Asian food….


  2. lareine says:

    arrrgh!!! now i’m hungry… i’m not much into sushi but that chicken teriyaki and wings looks delicious… and i would definitely drool over that korean barbecue… and for such a price, this is simply superb!


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  4. Gracie says:

    paying Munchkinmommy’s Cafe Blog! ang sarap naman ng food!! yum yum!!

    btw, i got you tagged here:



  5. Elmira says:

    That is a very cheap price for a buffet. In Malaysia, buffet would be between RM40.00 (US$12.00) to RM80 per person depending on where you eat.


  6. Shari Thomas says:

    Wow! We went to China Buffet in St.George, Utah a couple weeks ago upon the recommendation of a relative.

    I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

    I agree, it’s not quite authentic, but hey… in Southern Utah, I’m just thrilled to find anything Asian.

    After 4 (I think) plates full, I just kind of waddled out for the long ride home.


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