Grocery Shopping Day

We do our grocery shopping on the weekends.  As much as I possibly can, I try to limit my trips to the grocery.  Because the more trips I make, the more inclined I am to succumb to impulse buys.  If I can help it, I’ll wait until I’ve used up whatever’s in the freezer for everyday meals.  :D  Are you anything like me?  Oh and between you and me, lists just don’t quite work well with me.  :P

Anyway, Friday is garbage disposal day.  And the night before, I scour the fridge and pantry for food items that have already expired and leftovers, which we thought would get another chance at the dining table but didn’t quite make it.  There were a few leftovers, some  bottled items, a bit of veggies and a carton of whipped cream that had to be thrown away.  I know, I know, what a waste!  If only I can secure term life insurance…or “shelf life insurance” for that matter, for grocery items. 

I’ve actually improved a lot already.  :D  I was a lot worse a year ago when I was still new in the business of stay-at-home-mommying.  Hee hee.

Oh well, have a great weekend, y’all! :)

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