Baby, You Can Hire a Car

A lot of people go on out-of-town and out-of-country vacation during summer.  Based on our experience as exporters, the lean months for trade fairs are the summer months.  That’s because a lot of our buyers, which are mostly from Europe, go on long holidays around this time. 

My California-based aunt and uncle will also be going on a European cruise a few weeks from now.  Since they will not be holed up in the cruise ship the entire time, I suggested they consider Argus Car Hire and just rent a car for the times they will be exploring their destination city/country.  Between you and me, my aunt and uncle just absolutely hate walking!  Cabs, in Europe specially, are just too expensive!  It will definitely be more practical if they rent a car, specially since they will be travellig with another couple friend anyway.  They can just split the rental fee, which shouldn’t cost too much because Argus has very competitive rates and they offer a number of great deals, too!  

Will you be travelling some time soon, as well?  The good news is, wherever you are destined for a summer holiday, chances are, there’s an Argus Car Hire at your destination.  What wth over 450 car rental suppliers in over 12000 locations?!  The best thing is that their rates are all inclusive and there are no hidden charges.  That’s definitely worth taking into consideration when you finalize your vacation plans.  Have a fun vacation and drive safely. :)

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