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I am not crazy about motorcycles.  I’ve never ridden on one and probably never will.   But I do get that some people just absolutely love these two-wheeled machines and I respect that.  Hubby has an Arizona-based male colleague who owns a Harley and whose wife does, too!  Every year, husband and wife, together with their Harley buddies go on long rides.

I won’t be surprised if they went on Motorcycle Tours.  There’s actually a company called Eaglerider, which pioneered the Harley-Davidson motorcycle rental concept and the motorcycle tour business.  They offer a variety of tour packages, which include Guided Motor Cycle Tours, Self-Drive Tours and Adventure Tours.  For the street, they not only rent out Harleys but Hondas and BMWs as well.

Their “fleet” is not limited to the street-types though.  For the water, they have personal water crafts.  For off-road adventures, there are dirt bikes and ATVs.  In the winter, adventure seeking people can rent snowmobiles.  Truly, Eaglerider understands the need of adventure loving, not to mention adventure seeking motorcycle enthusiasts.  In the most desireable destinations around the world, one can be sure to find them offering one-way rentals as well as guided tours in between franchise rental facilities. 

If you are off to one of these Motorcycle Tours, be sure to ride safely!  And of course, enjoy your ride, too! :)

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