TMA #15: All About Me

Do you prefer hot sandwiches or cold sandwiches?

I love sandwiches, so much so that it doesn’t matter whether they’re hot or cold.  It just has to be chicken, turkey, tuna or veggie.  Munch, munch!

What would you do if you were asked to relocate to another continent?

We did just that a little over a year ago!  I psyched myself up to the new life we were to have, which made the adjustments and transition a lot smoother than I and every one else expected. :)

Would you ever steal something if you absolutely needed it to survive and no way to pay for it?

The operative word being “absolutely needed it to survive”.  If it were my daughter’s survival that’s on the line, I just might.  No explanation needed. :D

Be honest, do you think other people’s children are as cute as they do?

Heck, no!  Hahaha.  I shouldn’t be saying this because I only have one child right now and in the near future, Hubby and I probably would want to have another.  So I’m changing my answer….of course, I do! ;)  All children are cute! :P

Those are my answers. ;)

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