On Water, Filters and Faucets

We’re blessed in that this townhouse we’re renting is furnished with the must-have major appliances: refrigerator, dishwasher, stove/oven, microwave, washer and dryer.  We love the fridge because it has a built in water and ice dispenser.  The thing is, of late, the filter has gotten a bit costly.  It now costs around $50.00 and we have to replace it every 3 months.  This has left us to consider buying a hot/cold water dispenser, which, we think, is a worthwhile investment.  Then again, if we’re going to use the ice from our fridge anyway, we’ll still have to replace the filter just the same.  So upto now, we haven’t reached a decision yet.

Hubby was given a number of water filters by a co-worker.  Ones  that can be attached to kitchen sink faucets.  Too bad we can’t use them because they are not compatible with our faucet.  We are so tempted to take out current kitchen faucet, replace it with a new one and just re-attach the original faucet when it’s time for us to move to another home.  I’ve actually already started windowshopping for Delta faucets.  Oh well.  We’ll have to see how this will all come together.  Hee hee. :D

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