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Identity theft and credit card fraud are two of the leading crimes here in the US.  It’s scary, really.  This is the very reason why I avoid shopping on-line and using my credit card.  Then again, hubby and I are trying to build credit history and one of the best ways to do that is to use our credit cards. *sigh*

Another issue, too is that a lot of websites require visitors to sign-up or register so priveleges and services, like free email accounts, on-line albums, video uploads, etcetera, can be availed off.  In all of these online activities, shopping and registration, we can never really tell how secure our personal information will be, however much they claim that information sent are secured and will not be shared to third parties.

I don’t know how effective it is, but there is such a thing as Shop Shield, which supposedly allows one to leave no trace whatsoever of one’s identity and keeps personal information  completely secure.   Shop Shield subscribers can create, manage, usernames passwords, and get anonymous e-mail addresses for any site for free.  It also guarantees protection from email fraud, spam, phishing, and viruses.

How does Shop Shield do it?  In a nutshell, they replace one’s personal identity information so that one becomes anonymous.  So when you shop on-line, company insiders with database and hackers can’t steal your name, email-address, password, etc.  And since your personal information wasn’t disclosed, companies can’t sell them to third parties.

If you want security, you can sign up for Shop Shield.  Did I mention that it’s free?! :)

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