WW #18: SBC’s Chocolate Coffee Crunch


We were at Borders last Sunday and decided to make use of a Seattle’s Best Coffee Coupon.  For the purchase of a 16 or 20 oz blended drink, we get another drink of equal or lesser value for free.  ;)  Hubby and I both had one of their newest blended drinks, Chocolate Coffee Crunch.  Yes, it is possible to get your chocolate, coffee, and summer cooler fix in one blended drink.  My only problem is the “crunch” in this blended drink.  They are the black dot-like thingies you see in the JavaKula cup.  They kinda get stuck between the teeth.  Not pretty, I tell you.  Just watch out for that “minor detail” when you decide to order this drink. :D

Abby enjoyed a blended drink, too, my other WW entry.

Click here for more of Wordless Wednesday. :)  Yeah, I’ve been ignoring the wordless bit.  Hahaha! :P

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9 Responses to “WW #18: SBC’s Chocolate Coffee Crunch”

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  2. NicoleB says:

    That looks more than yummie :D
    Happy WW!


  3. It looks really good… even though those crunchies get in the way.


  4. maiylah says:

    that does look yummy!! :)


  5. I really appreciate this photo’s style. I like how the coffee drink is up front and stands out while the girl is in the background. It’s worth framing.


  6. Rac says:

    Thanks for the tip. Looks like a nice drink.


  7. napaboaniya says:

    You’ve been missing in action!!

    Ok, I want one of those drinks please :)


  8. Villager says:

    Happy WW! I probably save a gazillion dollars because I don’t much care for coffee…

    I invite you and your blog readers to see a visual reminder of how far America has come in the past 389 years on my WW-post this week (smile)!

    peace, Wayne


  9. Fernweh says:

    My girlfriend loves those things!