PH #17: Pointed

Guess what this is…

It’s friends with this…

Give up?  These photos are dead giveaways…

They’re pancakes. :D  I made them upon the request of my daughter on the morning of last Wednesday.  Of course, Abby didn’t request that they look like amebas.  My pancakes don’t usually come out looking like such a disaster.  Hee hee.  The oil in the pan proved to be a little too hot resulting to POINTED-edged pancakes.  :D  To salvage the situation, I got my trusty food markers and did what I can do to at least, uhm, make the pancakes look nicer.  ;)

Visit other photo hunters here.  Have a great weekend! :)

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17 Responses to “PH #17: Pointed”

  1. The points look like rays of sun.

    Perhaps I’d enjoy cooking more if I had food markers. :)


  2. You did a great job!! I never heard of food markers. I’ll have to Google them.

    Have a great weekend!!!

    Oh, and here’s my PH photo . . .


  3. tigerfish says:

    How very ingenious :)


  4. Well, what do you know! I had no guesses what they were until I read your explanation, LOL! Great post!

    I did Photo Hunt today, too! Come see mine and put your link up. :)


  5. Great entry for today’s theme… Mine’s up too hope you can drop by,,, Happy weekend!


  6. Those are some cool looking pancakes!


  7. Alice Audrey says:

    Wow. I wish I had that much tallent.


  8. June says:

    How clever…and artistic! I guessed sugar cookies. That they’re pancakes make it all the more excellent…


  9. Jenty says:

    LOL, that’s a very clever thing to do! I’ve never seen food markers, guess what I’m going to hunt for now!


  10. Claudia says:

    Very clever…they look good enough to eat!


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  12. A creative breakfast too! Have a good week.


  13. c says:

    How clever you are! I’ve never heard of food markers either. But what a great idea. You, Ms. Munchkin, are a true artist!

    Check out my entry here.


  14. BakerWatson says:

    Don’t feel like those pancakes were originally a disaster. The first ones I cooked came out shaped like the state of Florida, lol.

    Cute idea with the food marker.

    Pointed pancakes, lol. Who would have ever thought of that! Good job.


  15. Gracie says:

    how creative! :)


  16. akeorlando says:

    Food markers? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Fun with food!


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