TMA #18: Random Things

What three random things did you do this weekend?

Friday, we had dinner at a Japanese restaurant, the name of which I couldn’t even remember because we don’t plan on returning to the place anytime soon.  We had dessert at a placed called Viva Chocolato where hubby and I shared a slice of cake called Ebony and Ivory, while Abby had a scoop of strawberry ice cream.  Saturday, we stayed home for most of the day and bought take out lunch of Stir Fried Shrimp and Asparagus at the neighborhood Chinese restaurant. 

That’s my answer.

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  1. ancient one says:

    1. Went to a party Saturday.
    2. Went to Church Sunday.
    3. Had chicken from a fast food restaurant for lunch.
    4. Back to Church for Sunday night.

    I have an award for you at:

    Come see..


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