La.Pi.S. #6: Soft

Not only are these soft, they’re totally cute, too in their pink, blue and white, star-shaped glory!  Marshamallow!

As a little girl, I’ve always loved marshamallows.  They’re the only reason I would eat a rocky-road ice cream (I love chocolate but not the peanuts!  No peanuts in my ice cream please!).  I’m crazy over choco-mallow cookies.  And what about smores?  *drools*   Oh, oh, oh, how about mallows and a chocolate fondue or a chocolate fountain.  Ahhh.  It’s unbelievable how I can make myself drool.  Hee hee.  ;)

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3 Responses to “La.Pi.S. #6: Soft”

  1. ces says:

    wonder how this would look like plainly toasted in the toaster as my daughty does it…we both love toasted marshmallows! ang cute naman nito! does it have any particular flavor or it’s just color?


  2. maver says:

    wowowee, softee! and another wowowee for being number one :D belated happy bday! :)


  3. Meeya says:

    recently lang nahilig si ninna sa mallows. before talaga ayaw niya (kahit anong pilit ko, ako pa namimilit, haha!). ang cute naman ng mga ito!


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