Wear Your Humor

At first glance, I bet you thought the shirt says “Salvatore Ferragamo”.  Well, you’re wrong.  Hee hee.  What’s printed is a line in Filipino, which should properly read this way: “Suot mo ito pare, para guwapo!”  In English, it’s like saying, “Wear this bro, so you’ll look handsome!”  This is a “spoof” shirt.  I used to own one which says “Goodrear” instead of “Goodyear”.  Shirts like these are a favorite give-away of ours when we visit relatives in the US.  Now that we’re in the US, we’d very much love to bring funny shirts (Texas style!) with us when we come home for a visit. ;)  I hope finding a few wouldn’t be such a great feat. :D

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