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Have you ever found yourself out of Business Cards just when somebody important, or at least, seemingly important asks you for one?  Isn’t that embarrassing?  I’m usually on the other side of the fence though, the one asking for a business card.  When I used to actively participate in the family business, I attended trade fairs with my Mom and she leaves me to talk to potential buyers.  In trade fairs, potential buyers and suppliers are expected to trade business cards.  I always found it very annoying when I’m told that the cards were left it in the hotel, in the card, or they just ran out.  *rolls eyes*

If you want to avoid facing such a dilemma, then I suggest you stock up on business cards.  My Mom always keeps a stock of at least 3-4 small boxes that have 100 pieces of business cards each.  For a start, you might want to check out Vista Print.  You can choose from among their designs or use your own design and logo.  I even got hold of a coupon code for a 50% discount:  BizCard08.  Coupons do come in handy specially these days when prices of practically everything are going nowhere but up.  So stock up and avoid some embarrassing situations! :)

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