What’s Your Bills IQ?

I did something on a whim.  I took a Bills IQ test.  Hee hee.  I got a score of 87%.  Being the nerd that I am, of course, I’m not happy with my score!  I was shooting for at least a 90.  The test was divided into 5 sections:  credit, debt, budget, wealth and life plan.  My highest score was on credit and the lowest, life plan.  But I do have a life plan!  WE have a life plan!  Hee hee.

Moving to the US is like starting life with a clean slate for Hubby, Abby and me.  We swore that we will keep our credit card spending to a minimum because you know how credit cards give one the illusion of wealth.  We’ve seen how Credit card debt ruined the life of one too many people living in the US. Debt consolidation, Debt relief, and Debt help were things we continue to hope to steer clear of.  And so far, we’ve been very successful and we hope to be so…forever, if we can help it!

Taking that short Bills IQ Test made me realize that there are a few things that we may have overlooked and should now give utmost attention if we want to ensure a better future for Abby and a comfortable retirement, like if we have enough insurance coverage, a college plan for Abby, investments, etc.  We will definitely have to re-think our battle plan for the future.

You see?  Good things come out of these on-line tests after all. ;)

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